Elvis History 13th Oct

October 13, 1954
Elvis, Scotty and Bill played The Eagle’s Nest in Memphis, a nightclub over the changing room at the Clearpool complex.
October 13, 1955
Elvis performed at the Municipal Auditorium, Amarillo, Texas. There was an advertisement referring to Elvis as the king of western bop, but also stated that his way of dressing had nothing to do with western style. They called him a cool cat.
October 13, 1956
Elvis performed at the Coliseum Houston, Texas twice this day. First at 4.00 and later on 9.00 p.m. The crowd was warned to sit down by Oscar Davis, the Colonel’s advance man: “just remember, it might be your kid that gets trampled”.
October 13, 1963
Elvis and the rest of the cast and crew travelled about 100 miles east of Los Angeles to the town of Big Bear in the mountains for shooting Kissin’ Cousins.
October 13, 1968
Elvis flew back to Los Angeles with Priscilla and Lisa Marie.
October 13, 1976
Elvis performed at the Sahara Hotel Las Vegas twice this day, dinner and midnight.